Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday fun!

I went out for the Holiday's and spent some time with my sister Sandi.  We had a great time talking over all the fun she had while I was on vacation.  You boys really treated her well and she is hooked!  Knew she would be.

I couldn't resist inviting a few of my boys over  for the Holidays.  They LOVE my cookies and I just couldn't let them go much longer without a present from me.  It didn't seem to matter whether they were sitting on the couch strokin that cock while they admired my new outfit, or whether we adjourned to the bedroom to continue with their much needed lessons.

I had an entire week of guys parading in and out of my house to visit with me, and we had so much fun.  I have been told I make a very naughty Mrs Clause LOL.  The skimpy little red outfit with the white fur on the edges just seemed to drive them nuts.  

Now it is whole new year and well I am looking forward to all the naughty fun we get to have together.  So drop by some time, I always have fresh cookies to keep your energy up.  You are going to need it!  Wink Wink