Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nite Flirt caller gave me a wonderful idea.

So I was sitting here updating all my post and such when a Nite Flirt call came in.....MMmmm and this boy was simply delicious. As my caller spoke I sat back with my legs spread to let my boy serve me. My caller told me that he wanted me to fuck his ass with a strap on.  So I went on with this call and once it ended I told my boy we were going shopping. At the adult toy store I purchased a rather large strap on. My boys eyes were round as saucers. I believe he knows just what I have planned for his puckered little ass hole. I also purchased plenty of lubrication and a new riding crop. I smiled at my boy and asked if he was ready to go home. His response was delightful. "Oh yes my Queen!" He is so excited. Maybe I should make him wait......

Monday, April 23, 2012


Just got back from a wonderful vacation. My boy went with me of course! Cant wait to tell you all about our adventures!