Friday, June 29, 2012


So the young man knew I had him dead to rights. He knew his goose was cooked. He was the first of the trio of boys who have been stealing my panties. He knew I was going to tell his mother and possibly press charges. I knew I wasnt going to. (evil wicked laughter) I told this handsome young man that I would punish him instead. He looked up at me so grateful and oh so innocent! If he had only known what I had planned for his punishment! I told him to drop his pants to his ankles. His shorts too. The look he gave me when I asked him was so cute!
Then I pulled out my paddle.
I watched his eyes widen to the point of absurdity. Oh such delight! His cock was already coming to half mast! I had him place his hands onto the arm of my couch and lean over allowing his very cute little ass to push out. I instructed him to repeat this statement each time I stuck his delightful ass.
"Im sorry Mrs Luckett for being such a dishonest little pervert." As I spanked that ass I watched as his cock got harder and harder. Oh he was going to be such a nice little pervert for me to use! I gave him 100 wacks and then allowed him to stand up. He had a few tears on his cheeks, but he took his punishment well. So I would reward him. I told him that he was to repeat 100 times, "I will always be a honest pervert and please Mrs Luckett."  While he began his mantra, I got on my knees and licked up all his pre cum. He had a very nice sized cock too. I enjoyed listening to the boy while I sucked his cock and his struggling to repeat his vow. When I allowed him to cum, as he finished his repeating his vow, the boy thanked me as if I were a goddess. Then he begged me to allow him to come over for more punishments! I just love these young men!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

I love Lucy.

So Nana AKA Lucy .....has been my neighbor for years and we never really were friends......not until recently! I have had such fun with her in the last weeks. Sometimes a women needs a friend like her. One that you can talk to about anything and everything. And we do talk about some things let me tell you! And the adventures we have......Lord I dare not go to Sunday school! The church would implode!

So I am thinking that Lucy and I shall have to take a road trip. Maybe a route 66 trip. Any one have any other suggestions? Let me or Nana Marzetti know what you think and who knows......we may like your idea well enough to invite you along!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Girls night out....

So my new BFF Nana Marzitti, is just the nicest gal! I decided that she and I were going to go out and OUT we went. We enjoyed a evening of a pretty awesome ALL MALE REVUE. Oh my were them boys delectable. Of course the crowd of women surrounding these handsome hunks of manhood were of varying ages. The young girls kept draping them selves over these young men. And you could see that these boys were immune to their charms. The bouncers kept having to politely pull these girls back so the boys could continue with the show. At one point it had become tedious. Thats when Nana and I just kind of looked at each other and had this twistedly perverted conversation with out saying a word. She smiled at me and I back at her. In unison we got up with our drinks in our hands and began dancing  towards these yummy specimens. It didn't take long before these boys were grating their perfect muscled bodies all over Nana's and my own! Two boys each for us! Oh and their cocks were so swollen in their little g sting cock covers. It was such a delightful experience! We danced with several of these boys through out the show and they kept coming back to Nana and myself for more!
Towards the end of the show the young men invited us back to their dressing room for a little after show party. Of course we couldn't refuse! Can you imagine! We had 4 young men at our beck and call plying us both with more alcohol! Oh Nana and I kept giggling knowing they wanted to get into our panties and they were trying to get us drunk enough to ensure that happening! What they didn't realize was we were gonna fuck their eyes out with or with out alcohol! Silly boys.
We were all dancing and pieces of our clothes kept coming off with the heat. I don't know which of us had a cock in our cunts first! Nana or I, but oh my god! Those boys could pound a ladies cunt! When one young man would cum he would shove his dick into Nana's or my mouth until they were hard again! Then they would fuck one of us again! My favorite was when I had one cock in my ass another in my cunt and a third in my mouth! Nana said I was being greedy! Giggling hard here. I was being greedy indeed.....but wow! Those boys went all night! And of course Nana had her turn with all four of those boys! She was such a fucking whore! By the time we crawled out of there....and yes we all but crawled out of there....we were exhausted and cum filled to the brink of mindless euphoria.
I cant wait to see Nana again! Be sure to call her up on Nite Flirt! She'll have to tell you about what she did to the cab driver who took us to the hotel!