Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cookies and Lemonade

Today I made some fresh lemonade, and I mean fresh! I went to the market and picket up several dozen lemons checking each one to make sure its ripe enough...mmm they smell SO good too! The produce guy was so nice to help me learn how to pick ripe lemons, he was a hot thing, about 26 years old I'd guess....he didnt know it but he certainly reminded me what it means to be a 'cougar' because I really wanted to prey on him! But not wanting to see him fired for..screwing around...on the job (lol) I let the prey get away....this time!

On to the baking aisle where i picked up some chocolate chips (mmm the dark chocolate ones!)  and the few other things i needed for chocolate chip cookies that didnt have in my pantry already. Off to home I went to make some yummy treats! (aka bait!)

Back at home I went into the kitchen and opened all the shades and windows...what a beautiful day! A light breeze blew thru the kitchen as I began cutting lemons in half, I looked out the window and saw you...yes it was you! My timing was perfect! You were outside your house, under the hood of your car in some raggedy jeans and a tank top, wrench in hand....I've never seen a man wear his jeans so well! I decided I better get this lemonade made in a hurry so I set up my pitcher with a strainer on top and gaze out the window watching you as I squeeze each lemon half into the strainer (reminded me of an old classic rock song from about 35 years ago...something about squeezing my lemon till the juice runs down my leg lol ) wasnt long till the pitcher was full (or maybe it was a long time and I just lost track of time by watching you bent over that car!)  Putting in plenty of sugar, I decided I better add some vodka too...they say you cant really taste vodka too much anyway lol. I taste just a little to make sure it tastes just right and it I drink a little more before whipping up the cookies and getting them into the oven...20 minutes till they are done so I better make my move! I pull out a nice silver tray and put the pitcher and a glass full of ice on it and head out the door.....

"Hi there neighbor......"  I say as I approach you "its so hot out here and I saw you working so hard on this car...I thought I'd bring you some fresh squeezed lemonade"

"well thank you Mrs Luckett' you say as you take the glass and drink down the while thing "wow that was the best lemonade I ever had!"

"Thats not the only thing I have that will be the best you ever had..." I giggled as I watched your eyes grow wide, I touched my fingers to my chest and flashed you a naughty smile as I trailed them down my cleavage momentarily before catching myself "Um..I mean...I have cookies in the oven...would you like to come and try some, they should be done in a few minutes....its an old family recipe, they really are the best"

"Well thats very kind of you Mrs Luckett I'd love to" you say but I know your thoughts are already else where...the bulge in your pants gave you away! I smile to you and lead you back to my house with a sense of victory....

upon entering the kitchen we are both overwhelmed with the smell of cookies "mmmmm"  hear you moan as I bend down to the oven to take the cookies out. I'm not sure if you are moaning because of the smell or because you caught a glimpse of my garter and panties as I bent down (not an accident!) Either way...I like the sound of your moan!

"ohh these are hot!" I say as I set them on the counter "almost as hot as you are!" as I walk towards you , you smile at my flirting and I know I have won."More lemonade?" I ask as I pour more anyway....watching you drink that second glass down this Cougar knows...shes caught her prey...and I move in for the kill....

Taking the glass from you and finishing the rest in a quick shot my eyes fix on yours as I lean in and kiss you deeply, my hand running down to your crotch cupping that bulge in your jeans.....I think to myself  "oh this is gonna be good..."


Till next time....

*kisses and cookies*


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Monday, November 8, 2010

A Thank You for My Boys

My first post is just a big thank you for all my Niteflirt Phonesex customers!
Thank you for the HUGE welcome you gave to me when I joined, just a few short months ago.
I knew I would enjoy meeting and playing with you all, but I never could have imagined how NICE all of you would be to me!
You've bought my pictures, (at MY age! Imagine!) You've sent me tributes and gifts, even though the best gift has honestly been the gift of your friendship.
You've called me and read me stories (some very naughty ones at that!)
"Visited" for my special cookies and (spiked) lemonade, and so much more!
You've made me a part of your life...a very naughty part! And for that, I am ever so grateful!
My friends have no idea of the double life I am leading...the fact that I'm one of the most popular phonesex Gilf's on Niteflirt would never even cross their sweet little minds, and...I'm ok with that!
I love being the grandma with the naughty phone sex secret.
The old lady you fantasize about...
The one you call when you need to get off...
So boys, this blog is for you.
This is my thank you for you. A small peek into my life when I'm not playing on the phone with my favorite  Niteflirt phonesex callers.
I hope we'll get to know each other even better. (If that's even possible! *wink*)

*kisses and cookies*


Need to call your favorite Niteflirt GILF?
Just dial 1800-to flirt extension 9455-715
or just click here to find all of my sexy Niteflirt Phonesex listings!