Friday, January 17, 2014

How To Please Your Mature Phone Sex Freak

There are many ways to please your Granny phone sex queen. Many of my flirty young men simply ask: What are you into? And I reply, EVERYTHING. But it goes a lot deeper than that. There are many ways to send your favorite mature phone sex fiend over the top. I decided to share a few tips on how to best please….well….me J

Share your darkest fantasies. Do not be embarrassed about your desire to partake in a twisted yet orgasmic roleplay. I am an anything goes phone sex fanatic and look forward to experiencing new sexual outlets. For instance, tell me who I remind you of…mold me into your fantasy. I am aroused by hearing my role in your orgasm. Tell me and turn me on.

Or…allow me to instruct you on how to fuck me, suck me, and make me cum. I cum at the thought of being your instructive phone sex mistress. Describing in detail how to flick your tongue over my clit and then slide it inside of me. Let me get on all fours, spread my ass and show you how to rule my body. Pound me hard and rough. Press my face into the pillow to muffle my screams…

Or…let me learn about your fetish. Panties, feet, watersports, or my personal fav, taboo. I want to be everything other women cannot. Your granny phone sex freak. Please use me or allow me to use you. If I had a nickel for every orgasm, I would be a millionaire. I love it when a man invites me into his mind and we cum together. So let’s do it! Your mind…..or mine?

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Phone Sex GILF Needs YOU!

    The passing holidays and cold weather have lit a fire in me. My cravings for young cock have intensified and I am nearly foaming at the mouth. Other innovative masturbation methods have gotten me through thus far but now I am in terrible need of some satisfying phone sex. My mind is thirsty to hear your fantasies...or to hear about your plans for my mature yet wet pussy.

     I recently found myself making love to various utensils around the house, sliding them in and out of my soft hole, tasting the sweetness of my own juices. Thinking of all the orgasmic phone sex sessions of last year has only made me hungry for more; new fantasies to replay in my mind. I, I need to hear your desires to be seduced by an older woman, to taste her, or to even force her to help you climax.

    I will close my eyes as your voice pours over me, run my fingers over the curve of my breasts, gently twist my nipple between my thumb and index finger, until my hand can no longer resist...I want to torment and tease my clit through my panties, rub it until my loving hole contracts--begging to have you inside me. I want my body and spirit to be filled with young cock, I want to see stars... I want to be repeatedly you.

    The thought of those faceless phone sex calls set to the sweet sounds of heavy panting make my panties wet. I love to be taken to another place by a mysterious stranger, take me into the past, make me your mistress, your slave, your bitch, your wife...I can be anyone you need me to be.....Share yourself with me and I will give myself to you....completely.

Always in Need of Sexual Healing,
Francine Luckett~
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