Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On being a GILF...

Life takes us thru so many roads doesnt it?

40 years ago, there was no MILF or GILF....I was 18...I was a HOTTIE and I lived that to the fullest! I loved the idea that I could get a man to do anything I want just be flirting a little! Although I must admit getting caught up in my own flirty banter a time or two lol.

25 years later, I was first called a MILF by a college kid dwn the street, I was so confused that I had to look it up! I thought I was too old to be seen as such a sexual creature by someone so much younger than me...needless to say, he wasnt lying *giggles* he DID wanna fuck me! (I was more than happy to oblige him...what 43 year old woman could resist a hot young stud like that?)

Now I'm 58 and have recently been called a GILF (nice of them to notice im aging I guess LOL)
I've decided that as long as theres an _ILF in there somewhere, I'm doin ok :P I can certainly embrace my inner GILF!