Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rumor has it....

So I was getting ready for a evening out with Lucy and my door bell rang. I yelled for her to come in thinking it was Lucy. As I finishing getting ready I walked out into my living room to chat with her and instead this young man stood there enjoying the view, even if he was blushing. I was topless.
He was adorable and tried to turn away but you could see he didn't want to. I didn't make it any easier on him as I stood there grinning.
When he finally managed to mumble something about a rumor he had heard, I gave him a little mercy and slipped a see through top on. Then I asked him what he needed.
He explained that a friend of his told him to come and talk to me. That he had heard a rumor that I could give him a experience he would never forget. Plus he had a little problem. He was a virgin at 20 years old and never had a girlfriend.

Oh the wicked thoughts that went through my mind! I had plans already for that evening so I arranged for this young man to come back in a few days.

I will tell you all about what I do to him next week!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I love teasing cock.....

I am hot and horny and looking to get my toys out tonight. I have my hatatchi wand at the ready. Think maybe I shall masturbate while my slave watches and wishes he could clean my juices up. I shall tease him for hours then I may allow him to lick me from my asshole to my clit. I shall allow him to be a good boy and not let him cum, make him suffer till his cock is dripping. I love having all these young men at my beck and call. They cum running to please me. They cum hard and repeatedly at my whim! I love teasing their cocks.