Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More on the boy toy!

I must admit I am enjoying using him quite a bit! He calls me his Queen and obeys my every command. He makes me feel beautiful and brings out the most deviant parts of me!  I make him wear a cockring so that he can last longer and stay harder then most men.....the Queen needs extensive fucking!

Yesterday the boy says to me "my Queen, every part of me is yours, even my asshole"

hmmm....that has given me some very naughty ideas! I think when I see him next, I will blindfold him, chain his hands up over his head strip him naked and tease him till he thinks hes safe...then plunge a couple fingers in and find his little squirt button! That will teach him! LOL! Then Ill stroke his cock with desensitizing lube and make him fuck me till he begs for mercy!

I'll teach this boy about stamina!! Hes gonna need it for when theres more than one woman to serve! *wink*

Friday, November 18, 2011

Mrs Luckett's boy toy

Seems I've found myself a boy toy! I only meant to use him for his cock, but apparently he has quite the need to serve and please me...I have a submissive boy on my hands! He is quite younger than me, likes older women he says, and after our first encounter, where he fucked me silly for an hour and a half (oh my did I ever need that!!) he has shown me very submissive tendancies. He is eager to please, thinks I am the most beautiful woman in the world and has offered everything of himself to me! (oh the power!)

Since our encounter last week, I've been in contact with him every day, giving him tasks and digging into the very core of who he is, I've surveyed his fetishes and established my dominance over him. I can safely say he would do just about anything for me right now (I must have a magical pussy lol )

Pussy whipped and dominated, he is officially my boy toy, my 6'4" hunk of slave boy on his knees before me! How delicious! I have so many ideas for future encounters, chaining him up and making him please me but not allowing him to cum, making him find me other slave boys and girls to keep me entertained, testing his limits and manipulating his mind for my own amusement, making him humilate himself for me....I look forward to seeing how far he will go for me!

In fact, I think I will go use him right now....