Friday, December 9, 2011

Making him into my slave...

Today I called the boy toy and instructed him to prepare himself for me. He was to shower and shave...completely! I told him I didnt want to find a single hair on his balls or near his ass! I told him when I arrive he is to be naked and on his knees "yes my Queen" he said....such a good boy! :)

I showed up 20 minutes late on purpose to see if he was still on his knees, as I peeked in the window, I see he was...hmm hard to punish him when he behaves so well lol

I let myself in and started unpacking the supplies I brought with me, I did not speak and neither did he. His cock was not hard and that displeased me so I dribbled some lube on it and began stroking it "this needs to be hard anytime its in my presence is that understood?"

"yes my Queen" he replied
His cock now stood erect (such a nice cock too lol) so I stood up and wrapped a scarf around his eyes tying it around his head I then bound his hands behind him with rope  and tied the other end to the doorknob so his arms were just tight enough to immobilize him but not quite hurt...yet!
"Do you know how lucky you are that you get to serve me?"
"very lucky my Queen"
"Do you know how many other boys wish they could be in your position right now?"
"Yes my Queen"
"do not displease me, boy, you are dispensable"
"yes my Queen"

I stood in front of him, my pussy just an inch from his face and ordered him to stick his tongue out, I leaned forward just enough to put my clit right on the tip of his tongue "reach for it" I commanded, watching as his arms were pulled tight and his face grimaced from the pain "my pleasure is more important than your discomfort, you will please me even if it hurts you, understood?" "yes my Queen"

I then applied more lube to his cock and began stroking it with long slow strokes up and down the shaft, each time letting my fingertips glide a little further across his balls untill I was cupping them with each stroke. I could feel it was so hard he was about to explode, "this is my toy and it will not squirt until I tell it to" I told him, "yes my Queen" he said as his face began to look stressed....he was about to blow his load and was doing everything he could to prevent it! I certainly didnt want to let him off easy so with each stroke I reached a little further and further until my middle finger was running across his asshole with each stroke "when I enter you, you will cum, understood?" he was now gasping and breathing heavily as my well lubed hand stroked up his shaft "yes my Queen!" he cried just as my hand slipped down his shaft acorss his warm balls and my middle finger slipped inside him deeply as I went straight for his 'button' like an old pro pressing hard and deep as he cried out "ahhh my Queen!"  he exploded into orgasm, his cum shooting out like a firehose all over the floor!

I stood up, untied the rope from the door and watched as his spent body collapsed onto the floor "clean up after yourself" I ordered as I walked out the door.....

yeah...hes my bitch now!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More on the boy toy!

I must admit I am enjoying using him quite a bit! He calls me his Queen and obeys my every command. He makes me feel beautiful and brings out the most deviant parts of me!  I make him wear a cockring so that he can last longer and stay harder then most men.....the Queen needs extensive fucking!

Yesterday the boy says to me "my Queen, every part of me is yours, even my asshole"

hmmm....that has given me some very naughty ideas! I think when I see him next, I will blindfold him, chain his hands up over his head strip him naked and tease him till he thinks hes safe...then plunge a couple fingers in and find his little squirt button! That will teach him! LOL! Then Ill stroke his cock with desensitizing lube and make him fuck me till he begs for mercy!

I'll teach this boy about stamina!! Hes gonna need it for when theres more than one woman to serve! *wink*

Friday, November 18, 2011

Mrs Luckett's boy toy

Seems I've found myself a boy toy! I only meant to use him for his cock, but apparently he has quite the need to serve and please me...I have a submissive boy on my hands! He is quite younger than me, likes older women he says, and after our first encounter, where he fucked me silly for an hour and a half (oh my did I ever need that!!) he has shown me very submissive tendancies. He is eager to please, thinks I am the most beautiful woman in the world and has offered everything of himself to me! (oh the power!)

Since our encounter last week, I've been in contact with him every day, giving him tasks and digging into the very core of who he is, I've surveyed his fetishes and established my dominance over him. I can safely say he would do just about anything for me right now (I must have a magical pussy lol )

Pussy whipped and dominated, he is officially my boy toy, my 6'4" hunk of slave boy on his knees before me! How delicious! I have so many ideas for future encounters, chaining him up and making him please me but not allowing him to cum, making him find me other slave boys and girls to keep me entertained, testing his limits and manipulating his mind for my own amusement, making him humilate himself for me....I look forward to seeing how far he will go for me!

In fact, I think I will go use him right now....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cuckolding my boy...

Last week I was asked to do a custom recording for a very special boy. It turned out to be so much fun that I had to tell you all about it!

"Shhh, don’t get up.  It’s okay, baby.  It’s just Mature Mrs. Kettles from next door.   I’m just here to see if you’re okay.   Uh-huh, you were at our party earlier this afternoon.  And I saw you leave early, like a good boy should when he’s all tuckered out.  You’re such a good boy.  And I just wanted to see if you were alright.  "

But this wasnt just any cuckolding scenario, it had elements of so many different fantasies and fetishes! The Older, Mature "GILF" fantasy played a big part....

"Shhh.  Good boy. I know you know who I am.  Mature Mrs. Kettles?  The older woman with the large breasts?  In the low-cut dress?  Who you were staring at all afternoon"

Yes the boy adores his GILF doesnt he? *Giggles*

Theres elements of newly discovering love and sexuality such as this passage:

"And you have your first girlfriend, right?   Didn’t I see you with that pretty girl at the party?  Uh-huh.  The little Johnhon girl who lives nearby?    She’s so cute, honey.  And you do like her, don’t you, sweetheart?"

And of course, a boys first cuckolding:

"Tell me, do you ever think of you and Cindy going to the beach?  There you are.  It’s so warm and beautiful.  And Cindy takes her top off?  Do you think of that?   Uh-huh?  And do you think about her laying down on her towel?  Think about that: she’s laying down.  Uh-huh.  And all off the big men from the beach are circling around her, to look at her big tits.  These big, strong men?"

I had a wonderful time making this recording for this boy, and helping him to explore his deepest fantasies! If he asks for more recordings, I'll be more than happy to oblige! I may even learn a little about my own fantasies! *wink*

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On being a GILF...

Life takes us thru so many roads doesnt it?

40 years ago, there was no MILF or GILF....I was 18...I was a HOTTIE and I lived that to the fullest! I loved the idea that I could get a man to do anything I want just be flirting a little! Although I must admit getting caught up in my own flirty banter a time or two lol.

25 years later, I was first called a MILF by a college kid dwn the street, I was so confused that I had to look it up! I thought I was too old to be seen as such a sexual creature by someone so much younger than me...needless to say, he wasnt lying *giggles* he DID wanna fuck me! (I was more than happy to oblige him...what 43 year old woman could resist a hot young stud like that?)

Now I'm 58 and have recently been called a GILF (nice of them to notice im aging I guess LOL)
I've decided that as long as theres an _ILF in there somewhere, I'm doin ok :P I can certainly embrace my inner GILF!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Naughty Neighbor

Its been hot these last few days, too hot to stay inside the house, so I decided to go outside and wash my needed it anyway and the water would certainly help me cool off!

After changing into a tank top and shorts, I gathered the bucket and rags and I headed outside. I decided to start at the top of the car so after spraying down the entire car I took my soapy rag and began rubbing the roof clean. Carefully cleaning each part of the car, I must have been working for about 10 minutes when I looked down and laughed to myself on how wet I was. "Whats so funny?" I nearly jumped out of my skin! I turned to see my new neighbor, (who happens to be a very sexy 36 year old man) leaning up against the tree as if he'd been watching me the entire time! "Oh! Hi! didn't see you there, you startled me!" I gasped, as a cool breeze hardened my wet nipples, "I was just laughing at what a mess I've made of myself here" He smiled and gazed right at my breasts "yes quite a mess I see" he said as he reached for the bucket in my hand "Perhaps I can assist you with your...mess" he smiled again as he took his shirt off and began washing my car for me. "Oh you don't have to do that" I said, trying to reach to take the rag out of his hand. Just then he dunked the rag into the bucket and SMACK pressed it right against my chest and gave it a good squeeze causing cool water and bubbles to run down between my breasts "Oh, I thought you were dirty too!" he laughed. At this point, I knew he wasn't here to wash my car so I pressed up against him, sharing the wet rag with him "Oh I am...very, very dirty..." as I lunged in for a sensual kiss I could feel his bulge growing as he moaned deeply "mmmm" He wasted no time in pulling my shorts down and plunging two fingers deep inside me as we kissed. I ripped at his shorts as if I was angry that they were in my way just as he backed me up against the car, lifted one of my legs up and drove himself deep into me I whispered into his ear "I'll be needing my car washed at least once a week!"

Cant wait till Saturday!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday fun!

I went out for the Holiday's and spent some time with my sister Sandi.  We had a great time talking over all the fun she had while I was on vacation.  You boys really treated her well and she is hooked!  Knew she would be.

I couldn't resist inviting a few of my boys over  for the Holidays.  They LOVE my cookies and I just couldn't let them go much longer without a present from me.  It didn't seem to matter whether they were sitting on the couch strokin that cock while they admired my new outfit, or whether we adjourned to the bedroom to continue with their much needed lessons.

I had an entire week of guys parading in and out of my house to visit with me, and we had so much fun.  I have been told I make a very naughty Mrs Clause LOL.  The skimpy little red outfit with the white fur on the edges just seemed to drive them nuts.  

Now it is whole new year and well I am looking forward to all the naughty fun we get to have together.  So drop by some time, I always have fresh cookies to keep your energy up.  You are going to need it!  Wink Wink