Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The boy got jealous!

I decided to find out just how much tolerance my boy has in him. I brought him over and instructed him to be very obedient that day, I had him kneel in front of me while I was very affectionate with him, talking to him and caressing him, making him feel loved and adored and just when he was on some kinda high from all that tenderness.....my neighbor walked in! Surprised the boy but I knew he was coming over because I had asked him to! I then turned all my attention to my neighbor...quite a sexy man! He began kissing me and fondling me probing his fingers inside me...wow he knew what I liked! I could hear little whimpers coming from my boy as he knelt there, but I pretended not to hear anything...arent I evil? LOL!

My neighbor then bent me over the bed and began fucking me hard and fast....you'd think I was a pay by the minute whore LOL! (wait...considering niteflirt...I kinda am! LOL)

He put one of my legs up and began longstroking so the boy could see really well "see that? this is what a real man does!" Just then he exploded inside me which sent me into an orgasm of my own! Since I had a mess I decided the boy needed to clean it up...I made him lick my pussy till I was all clean, then I allowed him to masturbate, after all he deserved it!

I shwered with the boy and then I took him to bed and I cuddled him and told him what a good boy he was, that he had made me very happy....I think thats what made it all worth it for him :)