Saturday, November 9, 2013

Famished For Phone Sex Fondling

   Famished Fran is hungry for the throbbing deliciousness of a young man's cock. I am in desperate need of a brutal phone sex fucking. All of my orifices are aching to be filled and as the void grows, so does my overwhelming desire to please. Let me please you with my tight, welcoming, and aging anus or my hot wet pink love hole...they are both contracting with a craving that needs to be satisfied...
   In exchange for your phone sex fuckery, I will give you sexual freedom... liberate yourself with an explosive mutual orgasm or simply reveal your darkest secrets and lift that weight from your shoulders... and balls. I want to drain you of your desires and your fluids...and you of mine. In preparation, I have decided to decorate myself for the occasion, which in itself has been titillating...

   Although I love my favorite mohair sweater, I have cut circles out to expose my old yet firm breasts. Tracing my fingers around the nipple and areola, I have painted each one with a hot cinnamon frosting that increases the sensation in your mouth. Glancing in the mirror at my newly improved torso, I realize there is something missing from the rest of pussy pales in comparison to the inviting redness of my nipples...
   I sit a chair in front of the full length mirror, grab a tube of glossy red lipstick, and take a seat. I spread my pussy lips wide and proceed to paint each one with the cold glossy stick. My vertical lips smile back at me with their full reddened wonder and I am curious what the slippery tip of the lipstick would feel like on me and inside me. In circular motions, I use the tube to play with my clit. It hardens beneath the silky head of the gloss and just before I cum, I slide the tube inside me.

   I imagine that one of my phone sex boys is instructing me to be nasty when I take the lipstick to my mouth. I paint my lips with the mixture of pussy juice and Revlon "fuck me" red gloss-- I excitingly imagine the rings I could leave around a smooth young cock. I slip into my 6" black leather heels and admire my body in nothing but the sweater that reveals my hardening red nipples.

   My aching soft red pussy lips peek out from beneath the sweater and both freshly painted holes are begging to be filled with young cock. I crave phone sex instruction, what should I fill my holes with? How should I decorate my tasty ripe rectum? Please, fill me with suggestions, romance, cock, and cum...I am famished for some good ol' phone sex fun.

Famished Frannie
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