Monday, August 8, 2011

Naughty Neighbor

Its been hot these last few days, too hot to stay inside the house, so I decided to go outside and wash my needed it anyway and the water would certainly help me cool off!

After changing into a tank top and shorts, I gathered the bucket and rags and I headed outside. I decided to start at the top of the car so after spraying down the entire car I took my soapy rag and began rubbing the roof clean. Carefully cleaning each part of the car, I must have been working for about 10 minutes when I looked down and laughed to myself on how wet I was. "Whats so funny?" I nearly jumped out of my skin! I turned to see my new neighbor, (who happens to be a very sexy 36 year old man) leaning up against the tree as if he'd been watching me the entire time! "Oh! Hi! didn't see you there, you startled me!" I gasped, as a cool breeze hardened my wet nipples, "I was just laughing at what a mess I've made of myself here" He smiled and gazed right at my breasts "yes quite a mess I see" he said as he reached for the bucket in my hand "Perhaps I can assist you with your...mess" he smiled again as he took his shirt off and began washing my car for me. "Oh you don't have to do that" I said, trying to reach to take the rag out of his hand. Just then he dunked the rag into the bucket and SMACK pressed it right against my chest and gave it a good squeeze causing cool water and bubbles to run down between my breasts "Oh, I thought you were dirty too!" he laughed. At this point, I knew he wasn't here to wash my car so I pressed up against him, sharing the wet rag with him "Oh I am...very, very dirty..." as I lunged in for a sensual kiss I could feel his bulge growing as he moaned deeply "mmmm" He wasted no time in pulling my shorts down and plunging two fingers deep inside me as we kissed. I ripped at his shorts as if I was angry that they were in my way just as he backed me up against the car, lifted one of my legs up and drove himself deep into me I whispered into his ear "I'll be needing my car washed at least once a week!"

Cant wait till Saturday!!