Friday, March 7, 2014

Enthusiasm Vs. Experience From A Phone-Sex Expert

Enthusiasm vs. Experience

I know what you’re thinking; what could an older, experienced woman possibly offer that is better than the playful enthusiasm of youth? I understand why some men think that way, but the simple fact is…they are WRONG!

Think about it this way: when you’re looking for the right person for the job…any job…do you hire the green newbie who has never done the job before, and has only studied it in textbooks? Or do you hire the expert---the go for the jugular attorney who never loses a case, the surgeon with years of experience, the mechanic who can fine tune your Mercedes with his eyes closed? I know which one I choose…every time. I like my engine fine tuned and purring!

Yes, I do happen to go for the young ones myself. But much of that is because I feel as if it’s my civic duty to train and to teach them. The young ladies of today are the quick, one and done types, and really don’t take the time to show these boys what they need to know to satisfy a real woman. So I volunteer. (someone’s gotta do it!)

When you’re looking for a real phone sex experience, with a real woman…someone who can take you to all of those places you’ve been longing to go, well, you just need to call Mrs. Luckett! Phone-sex with me is like a long luxurious bath, rather than a cold quick shower. It’s a six course meal rather than a drive-thru at McDonalds. I’m not saying there is not room in your life for the occasional cold shower, or chicken McNuggets, but it shouldn’t be the norm.

Call me, when you need it done right. 

Kisses & Cookies~ Francine
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Friday, January 17, 2014

How To Please Your Mature Phone Sex Freak

There are many ways to please your Granny phone sex queen. Many of my flirty young men simply ask: What are you into? And I reply, EVERYTHING. But it goes a lot deeper than that. There are many ways to send your favorite mature phone sex fiend over the top. I decided to share a few tips on how to best please….well….me J

Share your darkest fantasies. Do not be embarrassed about your desire to partake in a twisted yet orgasmic roleplay. I am an anything goes phone sex fanatic and look forward to experiencing new sexual outlets. For instance, tell me who I remind you of…mold me into your fantasy. I am aroused by hearing my role in your orgasm. Tell me and turn me on.

Or…allow me to instruct you on how to fuck me, suck me, and make me cum. I cum at the thought of being your instructive phone sex mistress. Describing in detail how to flick your tongue over my clit and then slide it inside of me. Let me get on all fours, spread my ass and show you how to rule my body. Pound me hard and rough. Press my face into the pillow to muffle my screams…

Or…let me learn about your fetish. Panties, feet, watersports, or my personal fav, taboo. I want to be everything other women cannot. Your granny phone sex freak. Please use me or allow me to use you. If I had a nickel for every orgasm, I would be a millionaire. I love it when a man invites me into his mind and we cum together. So let’s do it! Your mind…..or mine?

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Phone Sex GILF Needs YOU!

    The passing holidays and cold weather have lit a fire in me. My cravings for young cock have intensified and I am nearly foaming at the mouth. Other innovative masturbation methods have gotten me through thus far but now I am in terrible need of some satisfying phone sex. My mind is thirsty to hear your fantasies...or to hear about your plans for my mature yet wet pussy.

     I recently found myself making love to various utensils around the house, sliding them in and out of my soft hole, tasting the sweetness of my own juices. Thinking of all the orgasmic phone sex sessions of last year has only made me hungry for more; new fantasies to replay in my mind. I, I need to hear your desires to be seduced by an older woman, to taste her, or to even force her to help you climax.

    I will close my eyes as your voice pours over me, run my fingers over the curve of my breasts, gently twist my nipple between my thumb and index finger, until my hand can no longer resist...I want to torment and tease my clit through my panties, rub it until my loving hole contracts--begging to have you inside me. I want my body and spirit to be filled with young cock, I want to see stars... I want to be repeatedly you.

    The thought of those faceless phone sex calls set to the sweet sounds of heavy panting make my panties wet. I love to be taken to another place by a mysterious stranger, take me into the past, make me your mistress, your slave, your bitch, your wife...I can be anyone you need me to be.....Share yourself with me and I will give myself to you....completely.

Always in Need of Sexual Healing,
Francine Luckett~
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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Famished For Phone Sex Fondling

   Famished Fran is hungry for the throbbing deliciousness of a young man's cock. I am in desperate need of a brutal phone sex fucking. All of my orifices are aching to be filled and as the void grows, so does my overwhelming desire to please. Let me please you with my tight, welcoming, and aging anus or my hot wet pink love hole...they are both contracting with a craving that needs to be satisfied...
   In exchange for your phone sex fuckery, I will give you sexual freedom... liberate yourself with an explosive mutual orgasm or simply reveal your darkest secrets and lift that weight from your shoulders... and balls. I want to drain you of your desires and your fluids...and you of mine. In preparation, I have decided to decorate myself for the occasion, which in itself has been titillating...

   Although I love my favorite mohair sweater, I have cut circles out to expose my old yet firm breasts. Tracing my fingers around the nipple and areola, I have painted each one with a hot cinnamon frosting that increases the sensation in your mouth. Glancing in the mirror at my newly improved torso, I realize there is something missing from the rest of pussy pales in comparison to the inviting redness of my nipples...
   I sit a chair in front of the full length mirror, grab a tube of glossy red lipstick, and take a seat. I spread my pussy lips wide and proceed to paint each one with the cold glossy stick. My vertical lips smile back at me with their full reddened wonder and I am curious what the slippery tip of the lipstick would feel like on me and inside me. In circular motions, I use the tube to play with my clit. It hardens beneath the silky head of the gloss and just before I cum, I slide the tube inside me.

   I imagine that one of my phone sex boys is instructing me to be nasty when I take the lipstick to my mouth. I paint my lips with the mixture of pussy juice and Revlon "fuck me" red gloss-- I excitingly imagine the rings I could leave around a smooth young cock. I slip into my 6" black leather heels and admire my body in nothing but the sweater that reveals my hardening red nipples.

   My aching soft red pussy lips peek out from beneath the sweater and both freshly painted holes are begging to be filled with young cock. I crave phone sex instruction, what should I fill my holes with? How should I decorate my tasty ripe rectum? Please, fill me with suggestions, romance, cock, and cum...I am famished for some good ol' phone sex fun.

Famished Frannie
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cabin Fever: Granny Phone Sex Salvation

         As fall is setting in, I find that I am experiencing vaginal cabin fever. My forbidden garden has undergone a period of rest which is simply criminal-- it is in terrible need of an awakening. Cum tickle my phone sex fetish with your fantasies. I am in desperate need of a few good men. My restlessness has led me to some inventive measures and I would love to replace my utensils with a hard throbbing cock....

         When my old pussy starts aching for attention, I reach out for anything I can find. Just the other day, my craving became so overwhelming that I resorted to masturbating with a turkey baster... I slid it in and out of my wet pussy until I witnessed it slowly filling with my nectar...I was so turned on, I could have screamed. During my abusive masturbatory session, I envisioned I was receiving phone sex requests to over-gratify myself. The voice told me to increase my pleasure by using an additional item in my welcoming tight ass. I immediately went for the handle on my rolling pin....

       Although a bit tricky at first, I punished both of my holes with phallic shaped kitchen utensils. At one point it became so exciting that I slipped to the floor on all fours and sent my body into a violent series of tremors with the rhythmic motion inside both of my moistened holes. After collapsing from overstimulation, soaking wet with pleasure, I heard an angelic ring as one of my phone sex boys called in to whisper his desires....

      I was quivering from ecstasy when I answered and he proceeded to tell me his dirtiest fantasies. This sent my body into a second whirlwind as he described how he wanted to worship me with his tongue... Already into position, I gyrated my body with his every word, imagining that sweet young tongue stabbing my tight loving anus. By the time he phone sexed every orifice and crevice of my body, I was trembling from head to toe.

    With cum-soaked inner thighs and a dripping hot pussy, I needed more... That's where you cum in... Can you satisfy my need? Fuck me with your words and in return, I will send orgasmic tremors through your hard cock as you cum on command... Phone sex is the only cure for what ails me, give me what I want and you'll never regret it.....

Insanely Horny,


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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hot Granny Phone Sex Confessor: Your Secrets are My Pleasure

    Phone sex confessions are an arousing outlet for reminiscing over youthful fantasies, reenacting the past, or simply turning one another on with tales of seduction and forbidden lust. What is a secret? Something not meant to be known or seen by others.....until now. I am craving all of your dirtiest secrets, I want to fill my orifices with your words... let me be your sultry phone sex confessor.

    At first it was just one here or there; someone confiding in me that I bore a resemblance to a part of their past. I squirmed with delight as my first phone sex confession turned into a reenactment of a tawdry affair between a young man and his college professor. As we got deeper into his secret, I squirmed around like the naughty professor I had become. He projected his desires onto me and in return we were able to relive a moment that burned in his mind for years...

   Soon after, I became addicted to not only hearing secrets but revealing a few of my own. Discovering there was a mutually shared excitement during a phone sex admission, it became sexually gratifying for me and I think you will soon agree... Whether I remind you of a teacher, the mature beauty next door, or that older woman who seduced you in the past... no secret is too big, no fantasy too dirty...

   My phone sex confessional is open, as is my body, and mind... let's recreate or build a new fantasy together. I am already hot just thinking about it and am ready to reveal some of my darkest secrets in exchange for yours. What turns this older woman on?.... Everything.
~Kisses and Cookies~

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Granny Frannie Phone Sex Exhibition Stories

    I recently confessed to a young man during a steamy phone sex session that I enjoyed wearing somewhat revealing dresses in public without panties in hopes of being "seen." After a bit of heavy breathing and heated banter, he suggested that I increase my thrill factor by improving my chances of being seen. He recommended going to local shoe stores and allowing the salesperson to assist me in trying on shoes.
     At first this seemed too unsavory for me and although I have often "accidentally" exposed myself, I felt this was a tad risky. After verbal confirmation that I am the Queen Grandmother of phone sex and no sexual adventure is out of my league, I began to prepare for my exhibitionist thrills.

    Before I could venture into the world of shoes and secret sensations, I had to dress to seduce the local foot fondlers. Red tends to high-light my mature yet magnificent & shapely breasts and I wanted all of their attention focused on my exposure down below. I slipped into a simple floral-pattern sundress that ties around my neck. The skirt of the dress flares out a tad and ends well above the knees. If my phone sex boys could see me now...  

     Panty-less, I lotioned my long legs and slipped into a pair of low heeled sandals. Once in the first shoe store, I eyed up an expense pair of cherry red sling-backs and a yummy young salesman. He took my request and I composed myself in a soft chair near the front of the store. The yummy man in his mid-20s, knelt on the floor in front of me and I felt my stomach quiver and my thighs moisten...
     He slipped my shoes off and I slowly slid one of my barefeet into his groin area as the other one landed outside his thigh... This revealed a full-view of my Granny Garden to him and I felt his manhood harden against my foot. I felt instantly empowered and hopelessly turned-on.

    That is the day I became the shoe industry's secret snatch streaker and it remains a secret, in the private hopes that I strike again. Now that I have told you one of my numerous exhibitionist secrets, meet me on my phone sex line, and tell me one of yours!

**Kisses and Cookies**

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