Saturday, September 28, 2013

Granny Frannie Phone Sex Exhibition Stories

    I recently confessed to a young man during a steamy phone sex session that I enjoyed wearing somewhat revealing dresses in public without panties in hopes of being "seen." After a bit of heavy breathing and heated banter, he suggested that I increase my thrill factor by improving my chances of being seen. He recommended going to local shoe stores and allowing the salesperson to assist me in trying on shoes.
     At first this seemed too unsavory for me and although I have often "accidentally" exposed myself, I felt this was a tad risky. After verbal confirmation that I am the Queen Grandmother of phone sex and no sexual adventure is out of my league, I began to prepare for my exhibitionist thrills.

    Before I could venture into the world of shoes and secret sensations, I had to dress to seduce the local foot fondlers. Red tends to high-light my mature yet magnificent & shapely breasts and I wanted all of their attention focused on my exposure down below. I slipped into a simple floral-pattern sundress that ties around my neck. The skirt of the dress flares out a tad and ends well above the knees. If my phone sex boys could see me now...  

     Panty-less, I lotioned my long legs and slipped into a pair of low heeled sandals. Once in the first shoe store, I eyed up an expense pair of cherry red sling-backs and a yummy young salesman. He took my request and I composed myself in a soft chair near the front of the store. The yummy man in his mid-20s, knelt on the floor in front of me and I felt my stomach quiver and my thighs moisten...
     He slipped my shoes off and I slowly slid one of my barefeet into his groin area as the other one landed outside his thigh... This revealed a full-view of my Granny Garden to him and I felt his manhood harden against my foot. I felt instantly empowered and hopelessly turned-on.

    That is the day I became the shoe industry's secret snatch streaker and it remains a secret, in the private hopes that I strike again. Now that I have told you one of my numerous exhibitionist secrets, meet me on my phone sex line, and tell me one of yours!

**Kisses and Cookies**

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Granny Phone Sex and Hot Apple Pie

         As fall approaches, your titillating temptress is back in the kitchen again and things are really heating up! I am busy relieving some sexual tension by whipping up some apple pies. Although I simply love kneading my hands in the smoothness of the dough, I would much rather be using my hands to punish some of my mischievous NiteFlirt boys! The sight of my flour-covered hand print engraved on the ripe tight flesh of a young man sends shivers down my spine... Some might ask what Granny Phone Sex with me and apple pies could possibly have in common but that's simple: we're both moist, delicious, and served hot just for you!

        There is nothing sexier than a woman cooking and I have brought sex appeal back to the kitchen. I hook my garter-belts to my thigh-hi stockings and leave my panties in their place, a drawer. After hooking each strap on my stiletto heels, I slip an apron over my exposed breasts and stand for a moment to feel the fall breeze against my bare bottom. As I finish preparing my pies, I can feel the warmth of the oven through the thinness of my apron. My temperature is rising and I'm craving the attention of some strong young men. Nothing a little Granny Phone Sex couldn't cure...I would love to simultaneously tame your youthful cravings and my overwhelming urges with some kitchen utensils... Let me spank you with my spatula and you may choose the best equipment to suit my needs!

       The aroma of apple pie has my "Gentleman's pleasure garden" quivering and the hotter it gets in here, the more I crave my NiteFlirt boys' dirty little secrets. My body thrives on hearing your secrets, your fantasies...and my craving is soothed by punishing you accordingly. A lonely older woman is a deadly weapon when left in the kitchen to tend to her own needs...Call Me and end this unbearable anguish that I have so deep inside...

*Kisses and Cookies*

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