Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Niteflirt Hotties Alert!!!

I know I've told you about Mrs. Marzetti, and the trouble we always seem to get into. But I did want to mention her again, because darn it, she's just SO MUCH fun!!! If you're ever on Niteflirt looking for exciting phone sex with a hot older lady (granny phone sex) and I'm not available, (I've been awfully busy with a nice young neighbor boy down the street lately) then give her a call! I know she'd love to play with you!

And then, there's the new girl! I just love her. She's sweet as the dickens, has a cute southern accent, and is secretly as raunchy as they come! I bet you haven't met her yet...her name is Sonia, and her Niteflirt phone sex listing is Little Wifey Waiting. Now, how cute is that?!!

I know you want to cum over and have some more of my fresh and tasty cookies, but since I'm a bit...preoccupied right now, I'd be ever so grateful if you'd stop by one of my friend's house, and partake in their hospitality. (I want to hear every detail from both you and from them, so don't forget to call me and tell me all about it!)

I know I'll always be your favorite Niteflirt phone sex granny, and it won't hurt my feelings if you "spread the love" a little bit, (if you know what I mean!) Make Mrs. Luckett happy, and share the "wealth" today!!

*kisses and cookies*

Mrs Luckett