Friday, March 7, 2014

Enthusiasm Vs. Experience From A Phone-Sex Expert

Enthusiasm vs. Experience

I know what you’re thinking; what could an older, experienced woman possibly offer that is better than the playful enthusiasm of youth? I understand why some men think that way, but the simple fact is…they are WRONG!

Think about it this way: when you’re looking for the right person for the job…any job…do you hire the green newbie who has never done the job before, and has only studied it in textbooks? Or do you hire the expert---the go for the jugular attorney who never loses a case, the surgeon with years of experience, the mechanic who can fine tune your Mercedes with his eyes closed? I know which one I choose…every time. I like my engine fine tuned and purring!

Yes, I do happen to go for the young ones myself. But much of that is because I feel as if it’s my civic duty to train and to teach them. The young ladies of today are the quick, one and done types, and really don’t take the time to show these boys what they need to know to satisfy a real woman. So I volunteer. (someone’s gotta do it!)

When you’re looking for a real phone sex experience, with a real woman…someone who can take you to all of those places you’ve been longing to go, well, you just need to call Mrs. Luckett! Phone-sex with me is like a long luxurious bath, rather than a cold quick shower. It’s a six course meal rather than a drive-thru at McDonalds. I’m not saying there is not room in your life for the occasional cold shower, or chicken McNuggets, but it shouldn’t be the norm.

Call me, when you need it done right. 

Kisses & Cookies~ Francine
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