Thursday, April 11, 2013

Niteflirt's Naughtiest Gilf is Back

Life has been so crazy busy for me lately that I didnt have much time to talk to my phone sex boys! Im not letting that happen again, I miss you all too much! I can't wait to talk to all my naughty Niteflirt boys and catch up with you and your antics. I want to hear all the naughty things you have done since I have been away, and maybe if you were a good boy, I will tell you all the naughty things that I have done.

If you have been naughty, you might need a spanking or some other suitable punishment. Oh how I love spanking bad boys! I love to hear my hand hit their ass and I love even more to see my red handprint staring back at me. Sometimes, I think the boys like it as much as I do! (ok, most times!) 

I have been baking up a storm for my lovies. I make the best cookies in town, but I started making even more delicious things. One of my new favorites things to make is Apple pie. Everytime I do I think about that movie where the boy had a little naughty fun with one. I love making my little phone sex boys do incredibly perverse things to food, and then making them eat their "handiwork." Do you like Apple pie? It tastes so good, I will always share with my Niteflirt boys!

I want to hear everything you have done lately! I want to make you do bad things with my hot cookies. I want to hear what fantasies you have about me. Call me soon my loves, its been way too long for me and I am aching for some hot phone sex time with you on Niteflirt.

*kisses and cookies*

Mrs Luckett