Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My young man was so nervous as I had him get undressed so I could "inspect" his tool. I sat there in my garter, heels, and bra watching with delight. He was just so cute with that silly little blush. The things I was going to do to this boy would do more then make him blush so adorably. His ass would keep a blush for hours. He knew he was in trouble with his new mistress, because he had showed up 5 minutes late. I had my paddle out and ready when he knocked on the door. His cock was visibly throbbing, I knew he was going to cum hard with only a hot breath. So I took that sweet first load in my mouth. What a lovely taste.
I made him get to his hands and knees and heard his whimper of pleasure and anticipation. The first swing of my paddle connected with his ass with a solid smack. The next three hours were filled with such lovely servitude and training of a new boy. I dont think there is a more enjoyable way to spend the day. How about you?