Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My New Best Friend

I Have met a lovely new friend who has a like mind about young men! Oh she is a doll baby and I hope you will check her out on Nite Flirt. Her name is Nana Marzetti. She is quite the naughty lady let me assure you!  You can catch her. My new best friend! Nana Marzetti!  Be sure to be extra nice to her!

What is it with my panties?

Every chance I get I hang my panties out to dry on the line in the sun. I just love the smell of fresh air in my clothes. However I seem to have a pantie thief or two. Maybe even three! Oh the things I am going to do to who ever keeps taking them! I have lost so many pairs now, that I have to go shopping for new ones again! This is the second time this month. While I am out I am getting a spy cam. I shall set up a camera to record my panties and see how my panties grow legs and walk off.

I have decided.

Of course I have decided to go! I would be foolish to pass this up. I simply can't wait to go!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Soooo what to do what to do! I have had several of you wonderful young men call me and give me your thoughts about accepting the invitation to go to the masked party. I am still considering it!  I will let you know by the end of the weekend if I shall accept!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A tempting offer.....

Today I got a call. It was a southren gentleman who knew how to speak to a lady. As we spoke, he made me an offer. His offer was that for my pleasure, I could be the guest of honor at his very exclusive dinner party. The dinner party was to be a masked formal and include men and women who were both married and single. I have heard of these types of parties but I have never been to one myself.

In preparation for the dinner party I was to go shopping for a special dress. The dress was to be a red sheer see-through number. It was to be so short in barely covered my ass. I was not to wear any panties or bra, just the dress alone. I also was to purchase a pair of gold strapy shoes. Their heel was to be about 2 1/2 inches. After I had a massage, pedicure, and had my hair done as well, I was to go to his home to prepare myself for the evening.

Normally I like to be in control, but this would be totally out of my control. This scenario was totally out of the ordinary for me. It made me hot thinking about it. I would be the only one on display. The idea was that the guests would use me at their leisure and pleasure. I would be fucking several men and women for hours.

I know many of you read my blog. I'd like to know what you think. Send me an e-mail. Let me know if I should go and lose total control.

Cookies and kisses,

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The tow truck boy.....

I cant seem to help myself. I see them and just quiver with anticipation of having thier delectable cocks. I love young men! I felt particularly naughty one day and I drove up the mountain side to a bit of a deserted picnic area. I popped the hood of my car and pulled the starter wire completely off, tucking it into my purse. I called my emergency towing company and smiled wide, as I spread the blanket out on the ground. I slipped my swim suit cover off and layed down enjoying the warmth of the sun....waiting for my cock ummm.....tow man to show up to "RESCUE" me.

The young that showed up for my rescue was dear indeed. I didn't bother covering up and while he looked under my hood I was sure to rub my near naked body over his bent over body....After a bit of blushing and a lot of  Mrs. Luckett we shouldn't.  He did. It didn't take me long to have his cock out working it. Oh that boy was talented too. Nice and long and thick.
I do love the availability of such young men for my use! And so many to choose from!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I ordered a pool boy.....

So I saw my neighbors pool boy. Oh he was simply delicious! So ....I called the company this young man worked for. I made a appointment for the pool boy to come out the following day, paying for the pool cleaning over the phone. The moment he arrived at my front door I knew I was going to enjoy this young mans cock and broad shoulders! I broke my record too! I had his fine cock in my mouth in less then five minutes from his arrival! Oh what a delightful fun fuck he was! That boy came four times inside of a hour. I just love how young men bounce back so quickly!
As this young man got dressed when I had finished with him,  he asked me where my pool was. It was all I could do not to snort! ......I don't have a pool.